Private Binyamin (Beny) Frank

Private Binyamin (Benny) Frankטוראי בנימין (בני) פרנק ז”ל

Served in the signal corps. Died in Av 11 5734, 7/30/1974 in a training accident. He was 19 years old.

Beny was born and raised in Kiryat Tivon. He was the chairman of the student council in his high school, the editor of the school newspaper, and participated as a member in the youth movement “Ha’Noar Ha’Oved Ve’Halomed” (the working and studying youth.) Beny wrote many political articles and was also a prolific song writer, especially during the time period before he got drafted for the Yom Kippur War.

While Beny had a medical excuse out of the IDF, he insisted on being drafted anyway. He served in the signal corps, where he took a course on ciphers. Beny was killed in an accident, less than two months after he joined the IDF.

The song below was written by Private Binyamin (Beny) Frank and was later composed after Beny’s death by Ronit Shahar and sung by Roni Dalumi as part of the Israeli army radio station project: “Soon We Will Become a Song.” “Soon We Will Become a Song” is a musical project to perpetuate the fallen soldiers of the IDF. The project is choosing every year a number of songs that were written by fallen soldiers and the victims of the terror acts, and those are composed and performed by a variety of Israeli known artists. The recorded songs are aired during the annual broadcasts of the “Galei Tzahal” station (IDF’s radio) in the Israel’s remembrance day to the IDF’s fallen soldiers.

Send Him/Ronnie Dloomy

Send him, let him go free
Even though you know you will not return
Send him, let him go to his place,
To the Sheaves bowing to the wind

Let him take off his shoes, run and frolic with the Wind
Let him whistle and sing, skip on the milestones
Let him live as he lived
Do not be sad even that he is gone,
Like a Sparrow
Return to your days
Because you know, your lover will not return to you

שלחי אותו / רוני דלומי

שלחי אותו, תני לו ללכת לחופשי
אף כי יודעת את שלא יחזור אלייך
,שלחי אותו, תני לו ללכת למקומו
לשיבולים הכפופות ברוח

תני לו לחלוץ את נעליו, לרוץ להשתובב עם הרוח
תני לו לשרוק ולזמר, לדלג על אבני דרך
תני לו לחיות כפי שחי
,אל תתעצבי עוד כי הוא הלך
כציפור לדרור, שובי לימי החול
כי את יודעת, אהובך לא יחזור אלייך