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Group Exercise

From Les Mills BodyPump and Zumba® to Spinning®, yoga, water aerobics, and more, the Bender JCC offers free daily group fitness classes for all interests and skill levels. Led by certified instructors and designed to boost endurance, strength, and motivation, classes are free to members and provide participants with the newest trends in group fitness.

June Group Exercise Schedule

June 22 – July 1 Group Exercise Updates

June 25 – August 12 Group Exercise Schedule

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Class Descriptions

20/20/20 or 30/30: mix of cardio, strength and flexibility for 20 or 30-minute intervals.
AQUA FIT: This cardiovascular workout in the pool is set to music while still being easy on the joints. This class is designed to increase flexibility and muscle tone.
AQUA FLEX & STRETCH: A gentle workout in pool with emphasis on using all the muscles and joints to gain strength and flexibility.
AQUA PILATES: Shallow water aerobics fused with movements from land Pilates. Get wet and wild for core work, strength and conditioning! Good for all fitness levels
BALANCE & STRENGTH: No floor work required! All work is performed sitting in a chair, ball or against a wall. Class includes gait awareness, strength, stretches & body alignment work.
BODY PUMP: The ultimate in strength training. BODYPUMP will shape and tone muscle groups, increase bone density & burn up to 600 calories per class!
BUTTS & GUTS: Only have 45 minutes? Need to strengthen your core? This class gets your heart rate up, while working all the core muscles.
CARDIO SCULPT W/ BALL: Cardio and floor exercises using fitness balls of various sizes to sculpt your body while you get your heart pumping.
CIRCUIT TRAINING: 3 rounds of combined strength, cardio and core focused moves to tone your body head to toe.
COMPLETE CARDIO CONDITIONING: This class is designed as a total body workout using intervals of high/low impact aerobics and strength training.
CXWORX: A 30-minute class consisting of abdominal exercises. This intense, advanced abs workout will use several techniques to strengthen your core.
EXPRESS CORE CAMP: A 30-minute workout that focuses on the muscles of the abdomen and stabilization and movement systems of the core.
FIT FUSION: Get a complete body workout using a variety of fitness equipment to strengthen all the muscles.
FLOW YOGA: A Yoga class designed to build awareness of breath and the body while continuously moving. The teacher will encourage rest periods and modifications if needed.
FUSION STRETCH: This class includes basic stretching and Yoga movements to aid in restoration and recovery of the body.
HIP HOP: This is a dance and movement class. It is high energy and low impact. Come have fun with us!
INTERVAL TRAINING & STRETCH: 3 Ten minute circuits of strength, cardio and core work followed by a 15 minute yoga/Pilates stretch for a total workout in 45 minutes.
IRON FIT SPIN: An advanced spinning class which emphasizes cycling technique and cardiovascular endurance aimed at the athlete in everyone! Come challenge yourself!
J FIT CHALLENGE: This class will challenge you with intervals of cardio, strength, agility and balance! This is a non-stop, high-intensity workout for advanced-level fitness lovers!
MAT PILATES: A series of exercises designed to improve posture, core strength, flexibility, breathing, concentration and focus derived from Joseph Pilates.
SCULPT w/BALL: Tone and strengthen your entire body in this sculpting class that incorporates fitness balls and hand weights. Enjoy easy moves with great results!
SENIOR FIT: A fitness class designed for seniors or participants that want to work on building strength and balance.
SPIN: If you enjoy bike riding and the indoor workout, this class is right for you! Work up a sweat while riding indoors!
SPIN + ABS: Rev up your metabolism with an interval ride, followed by an intense core workout!
STEP FUSION: This is a unique class of aerobic step with choreography! Also be prepared to do ab and core work for a total body workout!
STEP IT UP: Simple, athletic, workout using adjustable step platform. Designed to tone the lower body and increase cardio fitness & coordination.
STRETCH: Stretch out and increase your flexibility and range of motion in this full body stretch class.
STRETCH & STRENGTH: Stretches & core strength exercises along with strength training.
TAI CHI: The ancient Chinese martial art of Tai Chi uses gentle flowing movements to reduce the stress of a busy lifestyle and improve health. ($$)
TONE UP & SHAPE UP: Functional fitness building strength in all muscle groups with special emphasis on strengthening your core & keeping you flexible.
TRIPLE FITNESS: 20 minutes each of cardio, strength and core work for one complete workout!
TRIPLE ZEN: A Fusion class that combine Yoga’s flexibility with Pilates’ core strength and conditioning ending with relaxation. May use light weights
WEIGHTS AND PLATES: A heart pumping strength training workout using a variety of equipment.
WOMEN’S RESTORATIVE YOGA: A gentle, therapeutic Yoga class for women, sometimes using props, to ease the body into balance.
WOMEN’S YOGA STRETCH & STRENGTH: A 90 minute Yoga class for women that combines flowing poses with an extended cool down.
YOGA FOR RELAXATION: This class will bring mind, body and breath into balance while improving strength, flexibility and energy.
YOGALATES: Combines core strengthening of Pilates and the flexibility and relaxation of Yoga.
ZUMBA: A high energy dance class that mixes great moves and music to a Latin beat.
ZUMBA GOLD: Perfect for active older adults who are looking for a modified Zumba® class that recreates the original moves you love at a lower-intensity!
ZUMBA TONING: Zumba dance moves with hand weights to sculpt and tone to upbeat Latin music.

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