Yoni Rechter: Israeli Singer and Song Writer


Yoni Rechter: Israeli Singer and Song Writer

Apr 7, 2014
8:00 p.m.

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About Yoni Rechter

Composer, pianist, singer and arranger, Yoni Rechter has made a major contribution to Israeli music in the last four decades, and is considered among Israel’s most important musicians. In the hundreds of songs that Yoni composed, he created a wide variety of styles, incorporating numerous influences, from Sixties pop (mostly Beatles) to Jazz, Israeli to classical, east and west, into a fascinating personal statement. Yoni has worked closely with many of Israel’s top artists, including Arik Einstein, Gidi Gov, and Yehudit Ravitz. Perhaps his two most well-known collaborations are as a member of the legendary Kaveret group (a.k.a. Poogy, the most popular Israeli band of all times), and Hakeves Ha-16 (The 16th Sheep, Israel’s most-popular children’s album).

In this show Yoni Rechter, accompanied by 5 talented musicians, will perform hits from his 40 year career, including songs that he wrote for Yehudit Ravitz, Gidi Gov and Arik Einstein to name a few. This is a show not to be missed!