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Current FamiliesThrough flexible 10- and 12-month programs, the JCCGW Preschool challenges, enlightens, and broadens children’s horizons in a safe, supportive setting provided by caring, highly trained staff.

A play-based curriculum—founded on Emergent Curriculum and inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach—enables children to become active learners and engaged classroom participants, and interest-based topic studies invite students to explore the world around them. Children are encouraged to express themselves through art and music, and Jewish values, customs, and traditions are integrated throughout curriculum.

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Our staff makes a difference and it is our priority to employ experienced and talented staff members that meet our high standards. We provide ongoing professional development to support our staff as lifelong learners. Our talented and dedicated staff is committed to ensuring each child’s happiness, safety, and growth.

If you were to peek into our classrooms, you might see children involved in a community meeting, dressing up, baking challah, immersed in constructing with Legos or blocks , looking at books, creating a train village, playing instruments, making signs, or drawing self-portraits.

Our children are fortunate to have access to the wonderful JCCGW facility, which includes indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a gymnasium, art and dance studios, walking paths, and the Recreation Station. The multigenerational and multicultural community at the JCCGW enhances our preschoolers’ learning experiences.

With two playgrounds, a growing garden, and an abundance of grassy areas, our children benefit from experiences that enlighten and engage outside the classroom. Each day includes learning opportunities outside our four walls, so a warm pair of snow boots and raingear are a must!

We are pleased to offer a program which is rich in Jewish culture, tradition, and values. At the JCCGW Preschool we celebrate all of the Jewish holidays as well as Thanksgiving, Presidents’ Day, and Martin Luther King Day. The Jewish holidays are an integral and on-going part of the educational program.