Israel Programs

Connecting our community to the people, history, culture, and land of Israel remains a core value of the Bender JCC. From lectures and dance to film, music, and art, the Center offers exciting, innovative ways to learn about Israel—past, present, and future.

Programs include the Center’s annual free Israel Fest, Israel-centric holiday celebrations and commemorative events, free lunch & learns, and much more.

Hebrew Children Show

November 29 | 5:15 PM
Bender JCC of Greater Washington

אתם מוזמנים לבוא ולהנות עם ילדיכם מההצגה עכבר העיר ועכבר הכפר מבית תיאטרון אורנה פורת – אשר מגיעה הישר מהארץ אלינו!

ההצגה מספרת על בובי וצ’ופצ’יק, שני עכברים שגדלים כחברים הכי טובים, עד שדרכיהן נפרדות – בובי עובר לגור בעיר הגדולה, וצ’ופצ’יק משתקע בטבע, בשדה הפתוח. לאחר שנים בובי עכבר העיר מגיע להתארח אצל חברו. צ’ופצ’יק נרגש מהמפגש, אך חברו העירוני סובל מהביקור, מהאוכל, מהאווירה, ואפילו לישון אינו מצליח. הוא עומד בתוקף על כך שחברו הכפרי יגיע לביקור בעיר כדי להראות לו היכן באמת נמצאים “החיים הטובים”. צ’ופצ’יק נענה מיד, אך הביקור שמתחיל בהתלהבות מנפלאות העיר, מסתיים בסכנת חיים ואכזבה גדולה. שני החברים, שכבר חשבו שלא ייפרדו שוב לעולם, מבינים שלא כל מה שטוב לאחד בהכרח טוב לשני, ושלכל אחד מתאים משהו אחר. אפשר לכבד את צרכיו והעדפותיו של האחר – ועדיין להישאר חברים טובים לתמיד.

ההצגה תערך בעברית עם משפטים באנגלית, ועם מחרוזת שירים בלתי נשכחת – בואו להנות מחוויה לכל המשפחה!

עלות כרטיס מוקדם – 13.5$
עלות כרטיס ביום המופע – 18.5$

Come and enjoy with your kids from the show The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. This production is in Hebrew, and produced by Orna Porat Children’s Theater from Israel. This is an exciting experience for kids to watch a show based on an international story, with an original production from Israel – all while never leaving the D.C. area!

Designed for kids ages 3-10. We hope to see you all there!

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International Jerusalem Winner Marathon

Friday, March 9, 2018

This one of the most exciting annual events in Jerusalem, drawing thousands of locals and tourists who come to participate or watch amateur and professional runners alike from all over the world. Set against the backdrop of Jerusalem’s magnificent views and streets filled with history, the Jerusalem Marathon is truly one of the most unique marathons in the world. Learn more about this event.

Register as a runner for the marathon

Giro D’Italia Big Start 2018 – Cycle Through Israel!

May 2- 9, 2018

Come see the Giro in the Holy Land!

  • Watch the first three Giro d’Italia stages
    in Jerusalem, along the Mediterranean
    and through the desert
  • Bike some of Israel’s most scenic routes
    and varied topographies
  • Fully-supported rides led by expert
    leaders with transport from start to finish
  • First class hotels
  • Breakfast daily and six dinners including
    festive Farewell Dinner
  • Bring own bike or rent aluminum/carbon
  • Specially designed group riding jersey
  • Space is limited

Click here for registration information!

1/13/17 – Israeli-American Council D.C., Bender JCC of Greater Washington Announce Joint Venture

Today, the Israeli-American Council and the Bender JCC of Greater Washington announced a new joint venture to establish an IAC Center (Merkaz) at the Bender JCC, and to formalize the two organizations’ joint initiatives to bring together the Jewish-American and Israeli-American communities.

“We have entered an exciting new era of collaboration between the IAC and JCCs across the country. Our joint venture with the Bender JCC will help to bring a new wave of IAC programming to the Greater Washington area to benefit Israeli-Americans and the broader Jewish community. We will look to replicate this model for partnership in other regions in 2017,” said IAC Chief Executive Officer Shoham Nicolet.

IAC programming in the Merkaz space includes IAC Eitanim, a teen leadership program; IAC G’vanim, an adult leadership program, and IAC Keshet, a Hebrew learning program for children. IAC-D.C. will also use the center to host IAC Shishi Israeli events, where Israeli-Americans and Jewish Americans bond over an Israeli Shabbat dinner and educational activities for kids.

“Israeli-Americans and Jewish Americans have so much to give to each other,” said Michael Feinstein, CEO of the Bender JCC. “We are thrilled about the prospects of this new joint venture with the IAC. By creating vehicles for these two unique communities to come together we can enrich American Jewish life in so many ways.”

Kol Ami – Jewish Peoplehood Leadership Academy

Kol Ami is a six-month post-high school program — from September to February — designed to enable students with the opportunity to live in a Jewish pluralistic environment together with their Israeli counterparts. This program is best for those who want to learn more about themselves and how they can better impact the Jewish communities around the world.

With the understanding that Israel is an integral part of the world Jewish tapestry, Kol Ami will create a social network aspiring to excellence and which takes responsibility for impacting the future of the Jewish people.

During the six months of personal growth and development students will:

  • Gain leadership skills
  • Explore the land of Israel
  • Volunteer in the local community
  • Build physical endurance and navigation skills – the same skills Israelis learn to prepare for service in the IDF

For more information, contact Harrel Fenigstein at: or +972-52-613-0366.