Laugh out loud, reconnect with Israel and reflect on Jewish life and the human experience with films at the JCCGW. Films are as diverse as the JCCGW itself, produced and directed by a bevy of international talent from around the globe, including Israel and the U.S.

Featuring both features and documentaries, films are shown in the JCCGW’s Gildenhorn/Speisman Center for the Arts’ intimate Kreeger Auditorium, a fully equipped theater that seats up to 290 and boasts a 30-foot-wide proscenium, full sound, lighting, and video projection capabilities.

Stand at Ease – עמוד נוח

stand at easeWednesday, June 3 | 7 – 8:15 p.m.


We will be screening the short movie “Stand At Ease,” which depicts the thought provoking subject of enrolling into Israel Defense Forces at the age of 18. The film will be followed by an open discussion from different community perspectives, including someone who will be enrolling to the IDF this coming year.

Eighteen-year-old Noah is religious and torn between two worlds: his militaristic group of friends in the settlement where he lives and the rock band in which he is a drummer. When he gets a call for tryouts for an elite commando unit in the IDF, Noah must make a choice between his musical career and his national service. This wacky, edgy comedy has a bitter-sweet subtext about the effect of compulsory IDF service on the lives of young Israelis.

Filmmaker Q&As, Group Events & More

The JCCGW hosts a variety of film-related events, including filmmaker/director Q&As, post-film “talkbacks,” and more. Group events are also available, each tailored to your group’s specific needs, including the opportunity to participate in introductions and talkbacks.

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